Monday, December 31, 2007

Seeking talents of all races, both genders and age between 9-60 year

Kallang Roar is a film about passion and sacrifices. Under the ingenious guidance of former National team coach, Uncle Choo, the Singapore Lions won the Malaysian Cup in 1977 after 12 years. Based on true accounts and historical references, Kallang Roar seeks to relive the struggles of our very own soccer legends and pay tribute to all the soccer heroes from Singapore and Malaysia in the 1970s.

Passion is nothing without Sacrifice. Come join us in recreating that Kallang spirit! Production is targeted to start in April till mid May. Main cast will be required to attend rehearsals and/or physical trainings in March. Some of the talents we seek are:

1. *Kim Song* – (20s) Very hardworking, good looking, traditionally Chinese
in character. Sometimes even rigid.

2. *Dollah Kassim* – (20s-30s) The Gelek king of the 70s. Skillful striker.
Jovial and brazilian in nature. Soft spoken. Friendly. Enjoys the game.

3. *Rajagopal *– (20s-30s)
Most skillful player in Singapore team, with his one shot one kill banana kick corners. A courageous coward. Can be heroic, but would not push beyond his own limit to become even better. Comical but how-lian.

4. *Mohd Noh* – (20s) The David Beckham of his time. He is a Japanese malay. Coming from a poor family, he balances the challenge of going out of Singapore singer Rahimah Rahim and playing for his nation. Good looking, very shy.

5. *Samad Alapitchay* – (20s-30s) Captain of Singapore team. Most
charismatic, strong leader. But plagued by gambling and money problems. Strong tall, superhero jaw. Tall. Well built. Curly maradona hair. Charismatic acting required. Uprighteous. Looks like a leader.

6. *Majid Ariff* – (30s-40s) One of the greatest players in Singapore in
history. Loyal assistant coach to Uncle Choo.

7. *Boon Kheng* – (20s-30s) Best student of Uncle Choo and coach of the final team, penang, likes to munch on Keropok. Suppose to be evil version of uncle CHOO. Charismatic, intelligent.

8. *Mokhtar Dahari* – (20s-30s) Malaysia soccer god. Invincible. Bent on
revenge after missing out on the Singapore Malaysia tie due to injury, and hence losing out his final chance to play in the World Cup, he sets his sights on destroying the Singapore team. A true professional, top class maradona like athlete with a power shot. Charismatic, excellent player with powerful legs.

9. *Arumugam* –(30) a.k.a Spiderman, long armed goalkeeper.
Will wear long sleeves that extend beyond his gloves.

10. *Ah Tiang* – (30s-40s) colleague of Samad. Knows nothing about football,
always coaxed into helping Samad. Compromising and irritable by Samad's exploitation of him.

11. *Kim Song's Father *– (40s-50s) has had enough of football. Only wishes
that his youngest son settle down with a stable job and get married. Old father who looks bochup and has weight in his words.

12. *Kim Song's mother* – (40s-50s) wishes for more communication between
father and Kim Song. Very loving of Kim Song and also the bridge between father and son communication)

13. *Samad's wife *– (20s) Noorizan - a supporting wife who believes in her
husband a lot.

14. *Doctor *– (40s-50s) tells Uncle CHOO he has Gangrene. Compassionate and
unfazed by uncle Choo's temper.

15. *Eric Paine* – (30s) Caucasian goalkeeper of Singapore with black eyes.

16. *Edmund Wee* – (20s-30s) Chinese goalkeeper of Singapore. Strong arms
and earnest personality.

17. *Rahima Rahim* - (20s) Famous singer during the 1970s. Gorgeous and classy.
Singapore Players vs Penang Players for the Malaysian Cup Final Match 1977.

For talents trying out for soccer player roles, it would be a big plus point if you could play soccer. Otherwise, do not fret, as we will be conducting basic trainings to prepare you for the role. We are also seeking guys who can play soccer, age between 18- 35 years old to assume roles in the Singapore team and the Malaysian teams in the film. If you think you look like any of the players in the news clipping above, please contact us too!

All races are welcomed: (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians). No lines
required. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. Besides the above listed characters, we have positions for many other supporting roles as well. All interested parties please kindly send in your CV and recent photo(s) to More information about the roles available will be provided then.

For more details, you may also contact Kai Ni via the mentioned
email or mobile at 82015625. I will liaise with you for an audition thereafter. Thank you very much and we look forward to welcoming you into our Kallang Roar family!